Member Programs

NOTE: Observing sessions may be affected by COVID-19 related closures and directives.

Observing Sessions: SMAS schedules two member Observing Sessions each month, on the Saturdays closest to the Third Quarter and New Moons. An Observing Session is for SMAS members only, and their guests. Guest attendance during an Observing Session is limited. Observing sessions are held at NCEEC/NCO.

Other: SMAS schedules additional programs for members throughout the year. These may include special Observing Sessions based on specific astronomical phenomena, such as meteor showers and eclipses, as well as activities, such as field trips to other observatories.

    Observing Session Dates for 2022
      All dates are Saturday Nights
      January 1, 29
      February 5, 26
      March 5, 26
      April 2, 23, 30
      May 21, 28
      June 18, 25
      July 23, 30
      August 20, 27
      September 17, 24
      October 15, 22
      November 19, 26
      December 17, 24

Last Updated: 1/29/2022